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I can't watch your movies because there are no captions, but thank you for saying my words. A few months ago, I went through a same kind of heaviness, and I became seriously depressed - every turned stone revealed an uglier truth. I have been following those stones for almost 50 years, digging into what was up with the great 'They' to whom we always refer, and it's wonderful, under these horrifying circumstances, to start seeing people really become aware, and validate my uneducated feelings. Since I lost a daughter to SIDS in 1978, 9 days, I believe, after receiving the DPT vaccine, I've become more and more leary of modern medicine. I've spent those years researching and trying to educate myself. I feel validated. I was so much more right than I'd hoped to be.

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Go back and watch this one. There is no need for captions--the only sound is a musical soundtrack that helps move the pace. Sarah did an exceptional job of capturing that emotional rollercoaster we were all forced to ride. It is just as powerful muted as it is with the music. The narrative is explained in type and memes, but the pictures drive an emotional message. Based on your comment, I can assure you it will bring some tears--but when it's over, you WILL feel the love & frustration that went into making it.

BTW, validation is what many of us are looking for--and sometimes a visual retrospective is all we need to truly see not only how justified our "conspiratorial concerns" have been, but how many others are waking up to the deliberate lies that drove this. "Mistakes" are accidental. This definitely was not a series of mistakes. Big thanks to Sarah for finishing & posting it! I hope it opens more eyes... 🫶

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Thank you, Robert. 🙏🏼

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Thank you so much. I was considering that possibility and thought I might let it play. I appreciate it! I guarantee, it will bring tears. I cry thinking about it.

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I loved the dichotomy of masked vs unmasked feelings. You expressed it all, so well. Thank you for constructing that video and sharing it. Must have been quite a task. It is heart-renderingly beautiful. ❤️

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Thank you.🙏🏼

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You were right. 💖

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I'm glad you were able to watch it.

I am so sorry for your loss, Kathleen.

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I'm so sorry Kathleen. 😪🌹

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Thank you. At least it spurred me, if somewhat slowly at first, into action to dig deeper. Once VAERS was available, I was convinced that's what happened to her. I cannot prove anything now, but I don't need proof, because it doesn't matter whether that's what killed her or not. I just know that vax killed many babies, and it's why we even have VAERS, I believe.

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Your strength and desire for truth are beautiful Kathleen. I cant know what you went through but I did lose a part of my son to the vaccine. He stopped speaking, his happiness disappeared. It took years of me working with him, drawing him out, for him to find his happiness in this life. He is still unable to speak.

So many children have been harmed and killed by vaccines. Parents were blaimed and convicted of shaken baby syndrome when they said it is the vaccines.

Sometimes it is hard to find hope. I'm so happy Sarah had the strength to complete this video and post. It needs to be seen and felt. More peoples hearts might open and allow them to truly see.

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Oh Heidi, I am so sorry....it breaks my heart. Daniel is incredibly blessed to have such an amazing mom.


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Thank you Sarah. I'm blessed to have him. He's so amazing, inspiring and beautiful. I'm endlessly grateful for him. 🙏❤

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My heart goes out to you. I can't imagine how difficult, in so many ways, that must have been. I'm so thankful my remaining children MOSTLY grew up anti-vaxxers like I am.

I have one daughter who vaccinated, working in the health industry, but I think she gets it now - she's been sick since she got her first shot, and I believe she had 3. She even got her youngest to get it, and now she's pregnant and I'm holding my breath about the outcome of her pregnancy. There have been so many miscarriages and stillborn babies - it makes me ill.

We can hope and pray... And keep trying to warn people, get them to wake up. But I've been trying to do that for decades, with very few taking me seriously.

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Ugh...it is very difficult...something you do not want to be right about. Especially with your own children and grandchildren. I will pray for that growing baby.

I heard a podcast the other day - I'll try and find it - with Christine Northrup and she had such a lovely, uplifting message that was so nice to hear. She said that she is seeing people heal...seeing vaccinated women get pregnant and have healthy babies. She talked about the power humans have to heal and be healed. It was refreshing to hear a doc weighing in optimistically.

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Thank you Kathleen. 🙏

I hope your daughter and her baby stay healthy. Blessings to you and your family. 💞

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Take care 🤗

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This is so beautiful and deeply touching Sarah. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, words and completing this magnificent video. ❤🙏

...and thank you for your strength. I know how hard it was. You are greatly appreciated and loved.

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Thank you for this from the bottom of my heart, Sarah. Partway through I started tearing up, thinking about my mom dying alone, surrounded by people in space suits, one of whom removed her wedding ring for me and put it in the biohazard bag where it still sits. And the last 10 months of her life spent stuck in a room, alone with a catatonic roommate and a TV, sometimes wheeled out for hallway bingo. Her body, stuffed like the ring into a biobag in her nightgown, the dress she wanted to be buried in laid on top. The funeral with a scattering of a few people, more hired pallbearers and altar celebrants than guests.

The priest, who I love, telling me that my mom had a message for me from Our Lady of Fatima, on whose day she died, which was 'Be not afraid and give comfort.'

But it wasn't until the engagement ring and the baby that I really started sobbing. I'm glad you undertook this painful journey in order to keep us remembering what was lost.

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Thank you for sharing this, Tereza.

These are the stories that must not be memory holed...I wish I had better words or more skills to call attention to exactly this.

Thank you again for sharing your experience.

I am so, so sorry...

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More despicable to me than the monsters who instigated all this, are the billions who complied.

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Sarah.....thank you. Sincerely, graciously....thank you.

Like you, I feel the weight of what has been and fear what will be, mostly....I struggle daily to endure what has been and feel the weight of knowing it will happen again because we lack the compassion and courage to face what was and the evil that wrought the worst of mankind. I struggle to find hope and the best that humanity has to offer because that tiny flame is up against a fierce storm or greed and hubris that leaves destruction and waste in its wake with no regard or respect for what love inspires.

Thank you. I am sorry for your pain and struggle to endure....but it brings me comfort to know that I am not alone and that others stand in the gap. Peace and blessings to you as we soldier on. 💕

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It's so validating to hear this, Laura. Thank you.

A lot of the time it feels really lonely in the "knowing space". I am happy to hear that this post landed in the manner that it was intended. These kinds of posts feel vulnerable...it's easier to be snarky and sarcastic. And I think that finding the comedic relief in the evil is incredibly helpful and has its place. Really in helping shine light for those that have yet to see it and providing a pressure valve for those of us that are feeling weighted. However there are so many aspects of this whole reality where there is simply no humor to be found. And the uncoupling of our human-ness is one of these spaces.

I am sorry that you struggle with the weight and pain and all of the difficulty that comes with the knowing. But I'm glad we can connect and hold each other up a bit when it feels harder...

Blessings to you, friend.


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For something positive, I used to sing a song about a duck when I was 4 years old.

I loved animals because they are honest and funny and beautiful.

Somewhere along the line I lost my love for animals, but since I got some give-away ducks I have recovered my gentleness and my love.

For something else not so positive, I will ask a question. How do you root out and kill all of the freemasons in our families and communities without losing what it is that makes us human?

I didn't care that there is a culling of stupid adults but when they came for the kids I lost my mind.

If I had children at this time and they died from anything related to this I would have been killing freemasons by now and would be dead or locked up.

The problem is that they have been in business, churches, government, law, etc for hundreds if not thousands of years and the majority of people are unaware of this and brainwashed.

I believe they will be done in by each other and by mother nature.

We just have to survive and find a positive view for the future. Maybe that is as simple as not being fearful, what is left to fear? Death ..pfft. life was scarier than the unknown of death.

The opportunities that this genocide opens up for transparency and a future where LIES and TRUTH are the first thing taught to children ( after love of course).

This is the first time in my life I feel free.

If you don't understand this, maybe you only awakened to this shit recently.

Your projections of the future will be manifested if they are pure of heart.

Your mind and body will suffer if you keep feeding yourself visions of atrocities. Im not saying forget them, I'm saying USE them to forge a better future for the kids and their pet ducks 🦆😊

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Beautiful. I cried through the whole thing. I needed that cry. ♥️

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MY APOLOGY. A self-styled “parenting expert” makes a plea for “Pandemic Amnesty.” Listen to Turfseer’s latest hit song. https://turfseer.substack.com/p/my-aplogyq

BONUS: Free PDF Download. BEST OF SUBSTACK VOLUME 1. Gems culled from Best Substacks with links to the full article. https://turfseer.substack.com/p/best-of-substack-volume-1

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Thank you Sarah. That was beautiful, I'm glad you finished it.

There's just so much we're still having to come to terms with, sometimes it feels impossible, because the abuses are beyond holding. So important to not let that take us under.

“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.”

Attributed to Socrates.

Honoring those who were left alone is a great use of time. I cried through most of it.

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Thank you, Kathleen.

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Thank you, Sarah. The photos of separation are heart-rending.

Watching it brought several thoughts to my mind that have been brewing for years, if not decades.

It seems poignant and disturbing to me that our society is built in a manner that creates several distinct kinds of separation that have a deep and far-reaching effect.

One of these is the separation of infants and children from their parents. The pay scales, work schedules, and costs of living push parents into long working hours that deprives them of real connection with their children at formative times. And where this role was once filled by elders and grandparents, this too is now largely absent as multi-generational families and communities become more and more of a rarity.

The other distinct separation is that of elders from their families. The aforementioned multi-generational families and communities have been effectively balkanized, separating age groups into isolated enclaves. The same is seen in education—where once multi-aged students overlapped and cross-fertilized, now, all groups are separated into sanitized groups where notions such as ‘age-appropriate’ education overrides. Elders are seen as burdens because of many factors, but the lack of energy, resources, and pure bandwidth to cope are not insignificant.

All of the blessings of age integration are lost. All of the teaching moments, wisdom, compassion and care, lost to the gap of separation. All of the small everyday opportunities and synchronicities vanish in the society that has been constructed.

It hardly seems an accident. Purposeful, with the drive to dismantle the elusive, yet extremely powerful, connections that form naturally between us. Care for each other, respect for all ages, paying back what is invested in us—completing the circle. The opposite is instead cultivated: individuality, independence, unshared stress, unshared burden, and social isolation.

The recent past made all of these already existent characteristics of the culture even more damaging, amplifying the sense of powerlessness and disconnect. It’s gone on for so long, it has become normalized to the extent that very few criticized the practices or even saw the need to do so.

There’s a very fundamental level of reconnection that must be rebuilt, and it won’t be quick or easy.

Thank you for stimulating this opportunity to reflect. 🙏🏽

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Thank you, TF. Thank you for so eloquently articulating my sentiment. I keep saying that I just don't have the brevity to impart the generational failure that just happened. I wish that I didn't get so emotional about it because maybe I could be more effective...but I do. It breaks my heart wide open.

I couldn't agree with your words more. I appreciate you.

And I'll settle for your comments until you can start your stack 😘

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You know, emotion is incredibly valuable and effective too! It’s so vital to feel, and feel deeply without retreating behind calluses and shields. It takes strength to be emotionally present and vulnerable. Indeed, it’s the only way we truly ‘see’ sometimes.

I appreciate you and your writing. ❤️

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Thank you, Sarah, for using your talents to bear witness to the vicious cruelty and suffering inflicted “for our own good” as well as for amplifying the message that Mistakes Were NOT Made.

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Many, many thanks MAA...definitely means a lot coming from you.

Your beautiful work deserves to be highlighted and shared, far and wide.

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You nailed it on your video, Sarah. Very touching I will be sending that out. I'm thinking it will be more compelling to those who have refused to see the data. Many times we reach people through emotions rather than logic.

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Agreed! Thank you for sharing.

I'm hoping others will share as well. Our society has become so good at memory-holing the things that are uncomfortable. I just got off the phone with one of my best friends and she said that she hasn't been able to watch the video yet because she has been teary anyway today. Her experience with her mother during the pandemic gave me a very close view of the heartbreaking way that this went down for so many. Her mother had Alzheimer's and the pain I watched that family endure cannot be described with words. It's truly evil.

The fear that was propagated created a situation where we (humans) were most vulnerable. And then "they" took away our innate coping mechanism....the comfort of family, friends...human touch...hugs...smiles....compassion....

And those whose minds had begun to go before their bodies....the fear and pain they must have felt.

My grandmother has dementia. My uncle put a note up in her room, next to all her pictures, telling her that there was a virus and pandemic and that everyone was OK, but they couldn't come visit. I imagined her waking up every day and having to relearn that. Just like when I would go visit and she would ask where my dad was. And I'd have to tell her that he passed away....and watch her relive that devastation every time.

It's unconscionable what was done.

And what's worse is that not everyone knows or acknowledges it.

So it's not just about not forgetting.

It's about even seeing it to begin with...

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Needless and merciless misery forced upon us…there is no inappropriate amnesty in my world. I feel most sane in saying so.

The heartbreaking remembrances in your supremely touching video bear witness to thousands of sorrowful stories, no doubt.

Forgetting or forgiving only dishonours the truth people lived.

There can be no forgetting.

There can be no forgiving, and my

heart is content with this realization.

Thank you Sarah, for providing us with a keepsake record of the undeniable, unvarnished truth.

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Hola, Sarah!

You're clear-eyed and heart filled sharing in this essay and video essay are beautiful. And, even though it may sound strange, a joyful beauty that life is comprised of birth and death, youth and senescence, and everything in between.

When I came to read your essay tonight, late — OMG, I've been busy! — I had just turned on an interesting piece of music to share with me reading your latest well articulated, passionate words.

When I turned on your video, the music didn't actually clash with my already running piece and before I could stop it I heard the worlds 'When I die, when my coffin is carried out...' I thought it was the music for your video.

The timing of your essay and video essay with that other piece of music is bringing shivers to my body.

Here is the video, spoken beautifully.


I went and found the source of the words, and learned that it is a famous, new-to-me poem, by Rumi. I hope that this inspires you in some way, with the true true magic that is being alive at all times! You are in my thoughts and prayers. (Maybe my last essay will lift your spirits a little. It has some corny attempts a humour, living as we are, in the time of covid.)

When I die

When my coffin

is being taken out

You must never think

I am missing this world

Don’t shed any tears

Don’t lament or

Feel sorry

I’m not falling

into a monster’s abyss

When you see

My corpse is being carried

Don’t cry for my leaving

I’m not leaving

I’m arriving at eternal love

When you leave me

in the grave

Don’t say goodbye

Remember a grave is

only a curtain

for the paradise behind

You’ll only see me

Descending into a grave

Now watch me rise

How can there be an end

When the sun sets or

the moon goes down

It looks like the end

It seems like a sunset

But in reality it is a dawn

When the grave locks you up

that is when your soul is freed

Have you ever seen

a seed fallen to earth

not rise with a new life

Why should you doubt the rise

of a seed named human

Have you ever seen

a bucket lowered into a well

coming back empty

Why lament for a soul

When it can come back

like Joseph from the well

When for the last time

you close your mouth

Your words and soul

will belong to the world of

no place no time.

— Rumi

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WOW! Synchronicity never ceases to amaze me.

What a beautiful poem...and perfectly timed.

I'm glad that this post didn't just elicit sadness...the beauty in the beginning and end of life is cause for celebration. I think it was you that pointed me to Bernie Segal (Love, Medicine, and Miracles)? Or maybe I recommended it to you lol...either way, he does a wonderful job of illustrating this beauty. A joyous exit is one of the greatest gifts, both for the one exiting and for those left behind.

I hope you and Yoshiko have have a lovely day today. It's very rainy here today, which is nice on a morning I have a few extra minutes to putter about my morning.

Side note...I'm adding a weekly sound meditation to our schedule at the studio. I have a nice microphone, and I think I've got it figured out (technology is NOT my strong point), so sound quality should be good. Currently I have it on Fridays at 12:30 starting in July. I'm going to open it up to anyone on Substack, but I thought I'd let you know in case it works for you to join me. I am quite interested in sending intention and energy through frequency and vibration - not unlike HeartMath or Dispenza. At any rate, I continue to have a strong desire to not only call out the bullshit, but to offer a countermeasure (see what I did there?) to the negativity, the heaviness, the low-frequency garbage. And I would love for you to be there :)

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I've come to realise that our experience of every moment is that of synchronicity. Some just have that little extra spice. This one is off the charts for me. The hairs on my arms and back are starting to stand up as I write this, and now I feel prana moving though me. And as is often the case, the synchronicity is so personal, it has an intimacy that will not be easily shared beyond our experience of it.

To come into our joy is how we are to fight! And I loved your open wrestling with your heart/head truthiness of our time in the time of covid. This is when the joy that is who we are comes up and bites in the ass, or kisses us on our cheek, or firmly embraces us, or gently caresses us. It is awesome.

Yes, Bernie did that very well! It is a powerful book on so many levels.

There is no value to pretend or turn away from the bullshit! I've quoted it before, and I'll do it again. (I had it on my office walls for likely 30+ years.)

"When we are faced with an obstacle that is to be overcome, weakness and impatience can do nothing. Strong individuals can stand up to their fate, for their inner security enables them to endure to the end. This strength shows itself in uncompromising truthfulness with themselves. It is only when we have the courage to face things exactly as they are, without any sort of self deception or illusion, that the light will develop out of events by which the path to success may be recognized. ––—I Ching 5 Hsu p.25 Baynes/Wilhelm

A *huge* part of the countermeasure, imho, is to celebrate the joy that is life even as we are busy cleaning the shit others have ungraciously put into our houses. Another teacher put it well, in a nice paraphrase of Gautama Buddha: we are infinite creatures in finite existence. There will be friction and that is suffering. Not *my* suffering, not *your* suffering. Stop gripping tightly onto the story of suffering as a category, and see what you can do to remove suffering. That's it.

You are doing a great job of seeing and peeing, if I can put it that way. See what is true, digest and process as if it was trash to be cleansed and the pee out the healthy mineral rich sterile water that goes back to the earth. Amazing stuff. Gracias.

Please let me know the details for the meditation. I am interested and Fridays are mixed bag of busy-ness for me. What time zone?

I'll pass on your greeting to Yoshiko. She's in Japan right now, with her family and continue the journey into the joy of discovering the courage of hearts. Amazing time.

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Thank You so much for what you have created here. It is bringing up emotions that range from utter sadness to overt rage. I believe that Humanity will survive this to greater and lesser degrees. However, when the smoke clears and even the perpetrators are fully aware of what they have done; there will be a Reckoning...

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Hola, Sarah:

The wonderful synchronicity your post shared with me was extended the following day when my friend and I met a young woman who shared with us that she had tried to commit suicide.

I've written about that on my stack: "Mistakes Are Not Made Because Synchronicity is Everywhere: A Tale Of Lively Synchronicity In The Time Of Covid And Death"


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